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3 Signs That You Need to Call Professional Plumbers for Sewer Cleaning

By on Aug 6, 2015 in Uncategorized |

A blocked drain can be one of the worst nightmares for homeowners. It happens slowly, especially if you have missed the signs, and once your drains are blocked, you may have to face unpleasant smell and water pooling. Until professional help arrives for sewer cleaning, there is nothing much you can do, except sit and wait.

Regularly getting your sewer pipes cleaned can ensure that you don’t have to face a worst case scenario. In many parts of your home or apartment, especially if it is rented, you may not know how old the pipes may be, or their condition. This makes regular cleaning all the more important as older pipes can get clogged easily. However, you can save yourself the trouble by spotting these early signs of blocked sewer pipes ensuring you can avoid any bigger trouble:

  • Gurgling Sounds from the Drain

    If you hear any kind of gurgling sounds from the sewer pipes, you should call the plumber straight away. Ignoring these sounds can lead to a messier problem as these indicate clogged drains, which are in need of cleaning.

  • Slow Draining Tubs

    While showering in the bathtub if you see that it is taking longer than usual for the tub to drain, be warned that it is a sign of a blocked drain. The same holds true for sinks and any other drainage that you feel isn’t draining the water as required.

  • Backing Up Of Water in Your Home through the Drains

    If you find water backing up in your home through the drain, it’s time to call in a professional plumber to get it cleared. It is very important to spot these signs, understand the problem, and seek help first thing otherwise, the situation can get worse than you can imagine.

Things That Block the Pipes

These three signs indicate that the sewer pipes have debris accumulated in them, which is preventing the free flow of water. Other kinds of things may also be a reason for blockage such as tree roots, paper towels, baby wipes or diapers and oil or grease from cooking. It is important that while using the kitchen sink you are careful about throwing leftover food items or other trash in the dustbin rather than in the skin. Everything that you allow going into the sink can become a reason of blockage over time.

Regular sewer cleaning is very important if you want to avoid flooding your home. However, it is also essential that you call the plumbers at the first sign of the blockage to prevent greater damage. For plumbing repairs and services, call us at 773-477-7714.

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