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3 Situations Where You Should Call an Emergency Plumber Fast

By on Feb 9, 2018 in Emergency Plumber, Plumbing, Plumbing Repair Service |

There are all sorts of instances when a plumbing issue can leave you in an inconvenient and potentially stressful situation. However, not all of them require the use of an emergency plumber. You may want to wait if the problem is relatively minor and it can wait until the next business day. However, there are other situations where time is of the essence and waiting for a fix can cause major trouble down the road.

Here are a few of the most common emergency plumbing situations that you may run into at some point.

Clogged Toilets

Nobody enjoys dealing with a clogged toilet. It can be embarrassing, but the reality is that it’s also very common. Nearly every homeowner is going to run into the situation from time to time. In most cases, it’s something you can take care of own your own with a plunger or other means. However, if it seems that the clog cannot be removed, this is a sure sign that you need a plumber. This is especially the case if there is only one bathroom in your home.

Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze, it is important to be quick in taking care of the situation. Choosing to wait can lead to major consequences, including further damage to the pipes and your home. When your pipes freeze, the water that is inside of them expands. This can cause cracks and other damage to the plumbing. This can lead to all sorts of issues. If you believe your pipes may be frozen, you should speak with an emergency plumber to get things fixed and quick.

Basement Flooding

If you discover that your basement is flooded, what you may not know is that this is often caused by issues with your home pipes. There are numerous reasons why you may have a flooded basement and nearly all of them are going to require a skilled plumber. You could have burst pipes, an overflowing toilet, back up drains, or a broken water heater. Only an expert plumber can tell you for sure and make the needed repairs to take care of the situation.

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