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Chicago Basement Flooding

Basement Flooding Chicago

Flooded Basement Chicago

Chicago Basement Flooding Chicago










Basement Drain Clogged Chicago

What causes my Chicago basement to flood?

Rain can come rather quickly here in Chicago.  Storms can  dump 2 inches or more per hour on a given neighborhood. This amount of rain quickly overwhelms Chicago sewers, which were not designed for such intense rainfall.  Sewer mains fill up, and additional water pushes into basements through our private drains.

There are two main sources for this additional rainfall.  The first is sewers in the street.  These are the grated drains by the curbs that feed the main sewer through lateral pipes.

The second is water from rooftops.  As much as 500 gallons of water can fall on the average residential rooftop.  In the old days, City code required that gutter downspouts be connected to private drains (PD’s) that carry domestic water to sewers.  This was fine for normal, old fashioned rains.  But, when sewers are full, the water has nowhere to go but your basement.  In essence, we are flooding ourselves.

The City is working hard to improve our aging infrastructure, but there are 4,400 miles of sewer main in Chicago, and mere replacement is not the answer.  The key is to keep as much water out of the sewer as possible during the heaviest rains.  Check out our Gutter Drain Page for More information on Gutter Routing & Drainage.

If we divert as much water as possible from our sewer system, we will spare ourselves some painful floods.  Nobody can guarantee you will never flood.  .  In cases like that, flooding is inevitable.  But, we can take practical steps to protect ourselves.

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Source:  City of Chicago 

Sewer Backup Chicago

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