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Drain Cleaning is a Healthy Choice

By on Apr 30, 2015 in Plumbing |

Clogged or sluggish drains are not uncommon, but they do not always respond to “over-the-counter” remedies available at the hardware store. In some cases, chemical drain cleaners may accomplish their intended purpose, but often, their effect is only temporary because the blockage is more complex than what it seems.

Drains that aren’t functioning properly are, at the very least, inconvenient, but they often become extremely disruptive and expensive to repair. Overflowing sinks and standing water in tubs and showers can lead to water damage to your home and furnishings, and health risks associated with clogged drains are also a major concern.

Clogged Drains Pose Health Risks

Two complications associated with clogged drains can adversely affect your health:

  • Sewage Backflow—One of the worst effects of blocked drains is sewage backflow. The odorous mess and the health risks associated with bacteria-laden sewage can make even the most dedicated “do-it-yourself” homeowner seek our help as plumbing specialists.
  • Drain Fly and Insect Proliferation—What many fail to realize is that even when sewage is not present in the standing water, drain flies and other insects that carry bacteria and harmful microorganisms breed freely in the clogged drain environment.

Due to the unhealthy conditions that can develop from a clogged or sluggish drain, and in addition to the potential for structural damage to your property, it is essential that drainage problems are resolved quickly and effectively. At Apex Plumbing and Sewer, Inc., drain cleaning is one of our areas of expertise, and our technicians are known for their prompt, professional service.

Call a Professional to Ensure Healthy Drains and a Healthy Household

Drainage issues can be difficult to resolve without experienced help for several reasons:

  • The source of the problem may be beyond the homeowner’s ability to treat. For example, tree roots can invade your plumbing system, but detection requires a comprehensive assessment of all of your pipes. Rust deposits in the metal pipes of older homes are also frequent culprits for blockages that cannot be easily accessed by the homeowner.
  • If a clog is not cleared completely, the probability of recurrence is high. As water flows through the partially restricted drain, debris in the water gets entangled in the existing clog, and the blockage quickly reforms.

A full service plumbing company, Apex Plumbing and Sewer, Inc. offers solutions for unexpected drain problems, as well as routine drain cleaning as a part of your household’s maintenance schedule. Let us help you protect your family’s health by ensuring your drains stay healthy too.

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