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Sewer Camera Inspection Chicago

Sewer Camera Inspection Chicago

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We Video Camera All Types of Sewer / Drain Stacks

  • Main Sewer Line
  • Toilet Stack
  • Sink Stack

Sewer Video Inspection

This is where we identify issues and determine proper solution options.

Types of lines or sewers we can video camera for you:

  • Cast Iron Sewers
  • Clay Tile Sewers
  • Concrete Sewers
  • PVC Sewers
  • Overhead Sewers
  • Pumping Stations
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Business
  • Restaurant

Sewer Rodding Coupon

Don’t Be Fooled By Low Price Sales Tactics advertised Online or in Flyers.  Every Situation is Unique, and We Estimate Every Job Base on Your Situation.  

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Sewer Camera Inspection Cost

Every video camera inspection situation is different, that is why Apex Plumbing & Sewer offers Free On-Site Sewer Camera Inspection Estimates.  We will arrive at your home or commercials property, assess the situation and then present to you an estimate before we begin any work.

Plumbing Camera

Having trouble with your toilet backing up, leak in a wall, sometimes you need to see where you can not physically see.  Call Apex Plumbing & Sewer to schedule your plumbing video camera inspection

Sewer Camera ChicagoSewer Camera Inspection Chicago

Sewer Camera Line Inspection.   Waterproof Video cameras allow our Chicago Sewer Rodding experts to visually diagnose what your sewer line issue is.

With a video camera line inspection we can determine what the backup issue is: Tree Root Blockage, Collapsed Sewer Line, Cracked Sewer Line, whatever it might be.  We can also determine if the sewer issue is the city’s responsibility or yours.  In some situations our professionalism maybe able  to have your sewer repaired with minimal out of pocket cost.


Call Us Today – 773-477-7714 to schedule a Sewer / Plumbing Camera Inspection.

Licensed Sewer Contractor Chicago

We Specialize in Bungalows, 2 Flats, 3 Flats and Multi-Unit Complexes, and Commercial Properties.

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