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Sewer Rodding Chicago

Sewer Rodding – Roto Rooting Chicago

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We Clear All Types of Sewer / Drain Clogs!

  • Tree Roots
  • Tough Clogs
  • Grease Backups
  • Maintenance
  • Access
  • Backup Prevention
  • Flood Prevention – Keep your basement protected.
  • We Do it All!

We Work on the Following Types of Sewer Lines:

  • Cast Iron Sewers
  • Clay Tile Sewers
  • Concrete Sewers
  • PVC Sewers
  • Overhead Sewers
  • Pumping Stations
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Business
  • Restaurant

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Sewer Rodding – Why Apex?

Sewer Rodding Chicago

Clearing a Sewer Drain Line consists of determining of how the building and sewer lines are SUPPOSED to be installed in Chicago.  Because of the age of buildings in the Chicago area, some  lines have been altered correctly or incorrectly, which therefore has an effect on the best approach to clear your sewer drain line.

Our Licensed Sewer Rodding Plumbers will determine:

  • Best Sewer Line Access Point
  • Fixtures that are using blocked line
  • If it’s a branch or trunk line
  • Determine Proper Machine, Cable and Cutting Head

(To give you an economic professional solution)



More of Our Roto-Rooting Process…

  • Determine where the Line opens up
  • Feel spots in the line that are giving resistance to the rod
  • Rod all the way until the city sewer or where the trunk line is
  • Extract Cables Noting the Rough Spots, Working Cutter back and forth to properly clear line
  • While doing this we will be able to see what type of waste is causing the back up
  • Then we will close up sewer line access point and test your line again.

While we are performing this work it is our goal to keep your home or business in a better condition then we found it.

Roto Rooting Chicago IL

Sewer Rodding Maintenance Plans

Does your sewer line back up once a year or every few big rains? – Let’s Talk Roto Rooting Strategy

We have a lot of residential and commercial customers who have annual, or semi-annual maintenance plans with us.  Like most things in life regular maintenance will extend / prevent larger issues such as a back up or floods from happening in your home, building or business.

When it comes to developing a Sewer Rodding Maintenance Plan – Contact Apex Plumbing & Sewer for a Free On-Site Estimate.

Every drain / sewer line situation is unique, length of sewer line, # of occupants in building or household, potential age of drain line, items frequently being placed in the line, etc.

If flooding or backing up is becoming a more frequent issue.  The next step would be….

Sewer Camera ChicagoSewer Camera Inspection Chicago

Sewer Camera Line Inspection.   Waterproof Video cameras allow our Chicago Sewer Rodding experts to visually diagnose what your sewer line issue is.

With a video camera line inspection we can determine what the backup issue is: Tree Root Blockage, Collapsed Sewer Line, Cracked Sewer Line, whatever it might be.  We can also determine if the sewer issue is the city’s responsibility or yours.  In some situations our professionalism maybe able  to have your sewer repaired with minimal out of pocket cost.


Call Us Today – 773-477-7714 to schedule a Sewer / Plumbing Camera Inspection.

Licensed Sewer Contractor Chicago

We Specialize in Bungalows, 2 Flats, 3 Flats and Multi-Unit Complexes, and Commercial Properties.

Contact Apex Plumbing for all your Sewer Rodding. For FREE Estimate, Contact Us at 773-477-7714.

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