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Water Heaters: What Types Are Available and What Their Benefits Are

By on Feb 23, 2015 in Plumbing |

Water heaters are familiar household fixtures, which appear like huge metal cylinders. Numerous individuals use this system since it is less expensive. No one enjoys taking a cold shower or elevated energy costs. Therefore, selecting the best and most effective system is a vital decision.

With energy effective models and new technology choices, these systems are no longer restricted to the conventional gas and electric options. It is advisable to plan for replacing an aging system before it breaks down owing to the varying operating and purchasing cost.

Types of Water Heating Systems

Over the past few years, various water heaters have come into the market. Therefore, it is prudent you recognize the various kinds before purchasing one.

At the market, you’ll find conventional storage systems, which remain popular for residential needs. Although this type can lead to energy wastage due to constant heating of water in the tank, today’s models are energy-efficient, decreasing heat loss through additional insulation.

Another type is the demand or tankless heating system, which heats water directly without using a storage tank. This type saves energy and is ideal for compact spaces. Conversely, heat pump systems utilize electricity for heat transference rather than generate electricity. These systems tend to be costly.


Different kinds of heating systems offer various benefits. For instance, tankless heating systems save energy because they do not heat water constantly. Additionally, this type does not require floor space hence you could mount it on the wall. The limited flow of tankless systems further decreases fuel consumption.

You can purchase quality tankless systems, which have unlimited capacity. Unlike conventional systems, which could accumulate scale and rust in the tank, these systems allow you to experience cleaner water.

Storage systems, on the other hand, have the benefit of providing hot water instantly. Another benefit of these systems is that you can run numerous appliances simultaneously; you can shower, run your dishwasher, and do laundry simultaneously. Storage heaters further have a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Factors to Consider When Buying Heating Systems

Similar to any purchase, balance the merits and drawbacks of various heaters in view of your needs. You must consider various factors when selecting a new heater.

These factors include the capacity; an undersized system will not be durable. Therefore, ensure you choose a system that offers sufficient hot water. Another important factor is rating efficiency. After establishing the type of system that suits your needs, determine which is fuel-efficient by examining the Energy Factor (EF), the best indicator of efficiency.

Although heating systems play a vital role in the home, most wait until they fail before looking for a replacement. It is important you conduct some research before you face an emergency purchase.


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