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What Causes Faucet Leaks and How to Repair Them

By on Aug 6, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Faucet repair is one of the most common reasons for calling the plumber A minor faucet leak that goes unnoticed can soon turn into a big problem, flooding the whole bathroom or kitchen. However, by understanding the common reasons behind a faucet leak and keeping an eye out for them, you can ensure that you don’t have to face such a troublesome situation. Here are common reasons that lead to a faucet leak:

Corrosion of Valve Seat

A valve seat connects the faucet and the spout, which make up the compression mechanism. Water sediments that get accumulated can cause corrosion of the valve seat, leading to a leak from the spout area. Regularly cleaning the valve seat can prevent a faucet leak.

Wearing Out Of the Washer

The washer endures constant friction as it is forced against the valve seat, causing it to wear out. It’s one of the most common causes of a dripping faucet and the only way to repair it is by changing the washer if its rubber has worn out.

Loosening Of Faucet Parts

Sometimes, due to continuous use, the parts of the faucet such as the packing nuts and adjusted ring may become loose. This causes dripping near the handle of the faucet. If you find that the parts have become loose, quick tightening of loose parts can fix the problem.

Loose or Worn Out O-Ring

A small disk- O-ring is attached to the stem screw that holds the faucet handle in place. Loosening or wearing out of this ring can cause dripping near the handle. If o-ring is indeed the problem, the only solution is to replace it.

Sediment Accumulation inside The Seals

Accumulation of sediment inside the assembly can wear out the seals that are part of the disc faucet. This usually happens due to constant use of the faucet and is one of the reasons behind leaks. To prevent a faucet drip due to work out seals, make sure you get your seals cleaned regularly making sure the faucet mechanism works properly. For better functioning consider replacing the seals if they are too worn out.

While these seem like minor reasons for a leak and can be replaced by changing the loose and worn out parts of the faucet, you should never attempt to do it in your own. A faucet repair is the job of a professional and skilled plumber that ensures each part is tightly fit and works properly. Even the improper installation of parts can result in a faucet leak. On the first sign of a leak, you must call in professional help to seize the problem in its tracks. Call 773-477-7714 for more information about our plumbing services.

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