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5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Plumber for Sewer Repair in Chicago. IL

By on Aug 9, 2022 in blog |

It’s not always easy to identify sewer problems without a professional inspection. Yet, some signs indicate the need for sewer repair in Chicago, IL, such as these.

1. Persistant Slow Drainage

Slow-moving drains throughout the house are the first sign of a bigger problem than a shallow clog. If plunging, snaking, or pouring drain cleaner down the pipe doesn’t do the trick, call a plumber to schedule a sewer inspection.

2. Gurgling Drains

Don’t ignore gurgling drains, especially when multiple drains gurgle at once. A sewage problem is likely if flushing the toilet causes the kitchen sink drain to gurgle or back up.

3. A Soggy Yard

Call a plumber if it hasn’t rained for days, but the yard is wet. Soggy yards, especially where the sewer line’s placed, indicate the line might be leaking raw sewage. Stay away from the area until a plumber checks it out.

4. House Smells Like Sewage

Sewage smells shouldn’t be dismissed. If the house smells like raw sewage, there’s probably a backup in the sewer line. Air fresheners won’t get rid of the smell, so call a sewer contractor to do their magic and make the house smell better again in no time.

5. Pests in the Home

Households that notice an increase in insect and other pest activity, especially in drains or near the sewer line, need to take notice. Raw sewage might be attracting them.

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