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Maintaining Your Plumbing: Ways to Prevent Pipes from Bursting

By on Aug 5, 2019 in blog |

When you think of a pipe bursting, you probably think that only happens when the weather gets cold. While frozen pipes can lead to a pipe breaking, it’s not the only cause. Other aspects that can lead to this issue include pipes that are corroded or rusty or a clog that increases the pressure inside the pipes. Busted pipes can cause a lot of damage. Having water...

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Qualities Needed in a Plumber

By on Jul 30, 2019 in blog |

Finding a good plumber is essential. You simply never know when you need to rely on a professional to come and fix your frozen pipes in Chicago or a host of other problems that can pop up from time to time. Just like you take time researching your family doctor or dentist, so you should with your family plumber as well. Consider the following three important...

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Don’t Be Afraid to Call an Emergency Plumber

By on May 3, 2019 in blog |

Everyone experiences a plumbing problem at some point. It usually happens when you are not expecting it. When you wake up in the middle of the night to find that your toilet is uncontrollably clogged, you need immediate help. Fortunately, you can hire an emergency plumber Chicago. Don’t waste time trying to resolve the problem for yourself. It is a lot more...

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Best Plumbers in Chicago

Best Plumbers in Chicago

By on Mar 29, 2019 in blog |

            When searching online for the best plumbers in Chicago don’t believe paid advertiser lists on Yelp & Angie’s list, HomeAdvisor. We offer Free On-Site Estimates – Call Us Today to Schedule a Visit from the Best Plumber in Chicago 773-477-7714 Here is a list of reasons why Apex Plumbing & Sewer Inc. has the Best Plumbers in...

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