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How to keep your garbage disposal working well

By on Oct 13, 2020 in blog |

The practicality and convenience of garbage disposals make them one of the most useful appliances in the home, and when used correctly need very little maintenance and are self-cleaning. On the downside, when a garbage disposal malfunctions the result can be one very messy and clogged-up kitchen sink.

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove an old garbage disposal and have a new one installed. Apex Plumbing Chicago is an expert at Garbage Disposal Installation and will be able to remove your old appliance and have a new one installed in no time at all.

However sometimes replacing a garbage disposal may not be necessary, especially if you follow a few basic tips to make sure the appliance continues to function in the best possible manner.

One good tip is to always run cold water when using the garbage disposal to grind as It helps to ensure the waste will move all the way into the drain lines in the sewer. Cold water helps to harden and congeal grease and fat, enabling it to be flushed through the system more easily, preventing clogging.

Although a garbage disposal can handle most biodegradable food waste the likes of celery, corn husks or any food that has high fiber content should not be put down it. Never put any non-food material such as glass, metal or plastic into a garbage disposal.

In the event that your appliance does break down, the best Garbage Disposal Repair Chicago option is Apex Plumbing Chicago.

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