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How to Prevent Costly Sewer Backups in Chicago, IL, Households

By on Nov 30, 2022 in blog |

A backed-up sewer is unpleasant and has the potential to be quite costly. Fortunately, there are steps households can take to prevent sewer backups in Chicago. Here are some tips to keep sewer water flowing in the right direction.

Only Flush Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is made to break down in water faster. So, even if it gets stuck in the pipes, it has a better chance of disintegrating before it can cause any problems within the sewer pipe.

Disposable cleansing wipes, facial tissues, and paper towels aren’t made this way. They take much longer to dissolve in water and can contribute to serious sewer backups.

Plant Trees and Bushes Away from Sewer Lines

Plants and bushes beautify yards and provide shade and privacy. However, some trees and plants have extensive root bases that can grow outwards up to ten feet, which can cause problems for sewer lines. When planting trees or bushes, identify where the sewer line is first and plant at least ten feet from the line to prevent the roots from wrapping around the sewer line or growing into it.

Keep Fat and Grease Out of the Drains

When cooking a meal or cleaning up afterward, be mindful of disposing of cooking fat or grease. One should never rinse these substances down the sink because they harden as they cool and create “fat-burgs” inside sewer lines.

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