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Is A Tankless Water Heater Right For Your Chicago Home?

By on Jul 22, 2020 in blog |

One of the many advantages our customers have in working with the team at Apex Plumbing is a trusted source of information about specific equipment and systems. The plumbers and staff listen carefully to your needs and then recommend the systems and equipment that are best suited for your home and lifestyle.

We often receive questions about the benefits of a tankless water heater compared to a traditional type of water heater. For most Chicago homes and families, either option is a good match. Understanding the differences between the two can assist homeowners in making the best choice.

Cost Factors

Most existing water heaters are tank systems. This stores water in the tank where it is heated and kept at a specific temperature. Tankless heaters heat the water as it runs through heated coils the unit.

The purchase cost of the tankless water heater is more, and the installation and conversion from the traditional tank set up to the wall unit does add to the price. The tankless version is more energy-efficient and typically has a much longer life than a conventional hot water tank, making it more cost-effective over the long term. New technology in traditional tank units helps to reduce their energy cost. However, as they are always heating the water, they do use more energy.

Water Use

The choice of a tankless water heater eliminates the issue of running out of hot water, but there are limits on how much hot water these systems can produce at one time. A large tank on a traditional water heater can supply hot water to multiple taps at the same time, at least until the reserve of heated water is depleted.

The tankless water heater is not designed to provide a large volume of hot water to multiple fixtures at the same time. This can become a challenge in a busy household where washing machines, dishwashers, showers, and general water use may be occurring at the same time.

If you are interested in learning the benefits or possible issues with a traditional water heater or a tankless system for your Chicago home, give us a call today at 773-477-4414.

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