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Main Causes Of Sewer Backup In Chicago Homes

By on Aug 11, 2020 in blog |

As a Chicago homeowner, maintaining the plumbing system in your home is an effective way to reduce the chances of a sewer backup. The professionals at Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. have created a guide to assist homeowners in reducing the risk of a backup and for maintaining your sewers.

One of the easiest ways to avoid a full stoppage of your sewer system is to schedule annual sewer cleaning services from Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. This process allows us to flush out small blockages and material buildup in the pipes, ensuring the system keeps flowing.

Common Causes of Residential Sewer Backup

Unfortunately, some of the issues that cause backups in sewer systems are out of the control of the homeowner. One common problem is damage to the pipes. Damage includes both corrosion and damage from tree limbs that can cause breakages in old metal pipes from the home to the main sewer line. Blockages in the main sewer line can also cause residential blockages, and this is typically the issue with backups in multiple homes at the same time.

Homeowners in Chicago can help to reduce the risk of sewer backup in the lines from their home to the main sewer line by:

  • Throwing out grease and oil – disposing of grease or cooking oil down the sink when washing dishes leads to clogs and blockages. Instead, place used grease and oil in the garbage.
  • Limit flushing paper products – any type of paper products, even those that are designated as safe for flushing, should be used in the lowest possible amounts. Avoid flushing anything large, such as diapers or wipes, as they can be extremely problematic.

Routinely scrape food off of dishes before rinsing also helps to reduce the risk of blockages and keeps your sewer lines operating efficiently.

If you notice your drains are slower or you notice any odors from your plumbing system and are looking for a top plumber near me, call us today at 773-477-7714 before serious problems occur.

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