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Minimizing The Risk Of Frozen Pipes In Chicago Homes

By on Feb 7, 2021 in blog |

The last thing anyone in Chicago wants to find when they get home is that a water line has burst. This typically sends people running to find their phone to search for a plumbing contractor near me, without a lot of consideration as to the quality of the service they can expect. At Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc., we provide 30-minute emergency service throughout the city. We have a top reputation in customer service with both residential and commercial plumbing calls.

The Freezing Problem

Freezing water expands, which creates a problem in pipes and water lines in the home. Pipes do not allow for expansion, which means if facets are off when the water freezes, the expansion of the water puts outward pressure on the pipe. Any weak areas of the pipe can burst, resulting in flooding of the home.

The best thing to do is to prevent the risk of frozen pipes with some simple and easy steps. These steps include:

  • Insulate the pipes, particularly in the cooler areas of the home, such as the basement.
  • Disconnect your garden hose, if you have a shutoff valve near spigot. Turn it off.
  • Place a Faucet Protector on your water spigot. Link to Home Depot one here.
  • Seal all cracks in the foundation or the areas around the pipe’s entrance into the home.
  • Close off crawl spaces to eliminate cold air circulation.
  • Keep interior temperatures in any areas with pipes at a level above freezing, ideally at a minimum of 55 degrees F. The Building Research Council at the University of Illinois indicates the greatest danger for frozen pipes is at an outside temperature of 20 degrees F or below.

If you experience frozen pipes, or if you suspect a plumbing problem in your Chicago home, call on the team at Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. We are available 24/7 at 773-477-7714.

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