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Repiping / Pipe Repair in Chicago, IL

Whole House Repiping / Pipe Line Replacement

Repiping Specialist of Chicago

We Provide the Following Pipe Repairs:

  • Hot Water Pipes
  • Cold Water Pipes
  • Hot Water Return Pipes
  • Vertical Water Pipes / Risers
  • Horizontal Pipe Replacement
  • Horizontal Drain Pipes
  • Drain Stack
  • Kitchen Stacks
  • Frozen Pipes

We Work on the Following Types Pipes:

  • Galvanized – Existing or Older Plumbing
  • Cast Iron – Sewer Piping
  • Copper – Water Line Piping
  • PVC – Drain or Waste Piping

Pipe Repair Specialists in Chicago, IL

Have an old leaking pipe? have a pipe that is bending that you are concerned about?  Whatever your piping plumbing concern or issue is the pipe repair experts at Apex Plumbing have answer.  We offer convenient Free On-Site Estimates to review your existing piping with you.  After we survey your plumbing we prescribe a tailored plumbing solution for your unique plumbing situation.  Contact the pipe repair pros today. 773-477-7714

Repiping Chicago, IL

Have slow or low water pressure, think it is time to update your old galvanized piping?  Just move in a new home and looking for suggestions on how to improve your piping in your older home.  Contact Apex Plumbing, Chicago’s repiping experts.  We Offer Straight forward, On-Site Free Estimates.  Contact us Today for a Fee Repiping Consultation.  We have been repiping pipes in Chicago since 1984.  We have seen pretty much everything, we have the experience, we have the tools  Call Us Today!

Contact Apex Plumbing for all your Residential or Commercial Pipe Projects. For FREE Estimate, Contact Us at 773-477-7714.

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