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Ways To Keep Your Drains Running Clean And Clear

By on Oct 17, 2016 in blog, Drain Cleaning, General Contractor, Plumber |

Drains are one component that many homeowners don’t think about until they start backing up, smelling or causing other problems. The way to maintain your drains and the rest of your plumbing system is to take the proactive approach. While a plumbing contractor can most certainly help restore your drains, these tips are great for reducing the need to call a contractor in the first place.

Take Out Time to Clean Your Drains

As you’re cleaning your bathroom, give your drains some attention. Specifically, take a look at your drain stoppers to make sure they’re clean. Closely examine your bath and shower drains to check that they’re clear of bothersome hair, which is the number one culprit when it comes to clogged bathroom drains.

When you clean your kitchen, toss down some ice cubes and salt water in the kitchen sink before grinding them up in the garbage disposal. This helps get rid of grease or gunk on the blades. Be sure to flush everything down with hot water and grind up a lemon or lime to maintain a fresh scent.

Take Preventative Steps for Clogs

Once your drains are clean, take preventative measures to keep them that way between cleanings. Place mesh screens over the drains in your bathroom to keep hair from tangling up and causing clogs. You can do the same in your kitchen to catch food particles. Take this one step further by brushing your hair before stepping into the shower or bath. Doing so ensures that most of your loose hair goes into the trash rather than down the drain.

If you have pets, always wash them outside when the weather is warm enough. During cold or rainy weather, put down a cloth over the bathroom drain, or wash your pets in a small tub. Both ideas help keep pet hair from stopping up your drains, which might require the professional assistance of a plumbing contractor.

Invest in a Quality Plunger

Because some clogs are inevitable no matter which steps you take, you should prepare for them with a quality plunger. Not only that, but you should also learn how to use a plunger the right way. Additionally, you may also want to buy a good drain snake for those times where the situation calls for something other than a plunger.

While a plumbing contractor may most certainly help with clogged drains, there’s a lot you can do to prevent them on your own. Use these tips, and always be careful of what goes down your drains.

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