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Street Flooding in Chicago

By on Aug 8, 2018 in blog |

City Of Chicago Sewer Backup

Street Flooding In Chicago


While we were driving around playing Emergency Plumber in Chicago Yesterday.

We  really took notice to the new plumbing and sewer flooding phenomenon in Chicago.

FLOODING ALERT… Quick Lesson….

In the old days you had to be watching television to hear that annoying loud public service announcement chirp / ALERT.

Nowadays, you can be anywhere, work, church, resting while baby naps….

The Flash Flood warning on your Phone will get your attention about local flooding in Chicago.

When someone hears this warning, most will immediately start to think about their basement flooding.

With heavy rains, basement flooding in Chicago is very common due to the amount of rainfall in short period of time, sewers were not designed to handle that amount of rainfall in a short amount of time.  Therefore causing sewer backups into basements.

To alleviate homeowner’s concerns the city has begun installing Water Restrictors in Curb Drains to help keep basement’s dry.

Called the “RainBlocker Program”, visit the below link for more information.


Positive & Negatives of Restrictors on Chicago Curb Drains.


  • Helps Keep the Water Out of Basement
  • Helps keep basement Dry
  • Prevents Sewage
  • No need to waste your entire next day, cleaning out basement… (you get the point)


  • Curb Restrictors can cause Flooding in Streets.  Making tasks such as loading Children into car, getting in and out of car or Uber very difficult.
  • Parking Car on Street.  Yes, your basement flooding is a costly affair.  But have you ever stopped to consider and think about parking your new car on a street with a high curb before a flash flood rain storm.  We all have heard of Katrina Bombs.  Guess we can call your flood car a “Chicago Curb Restrictor Bomb”  I wonder if this type of flooding is covered by car insurance?

We support dry basements it’s good for everyone’s health.  Just want to point out that flooded streets turning cars into sunken boats might not be a good thing.


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