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3 Ways Corona Virus affects your home’s plumbing.

By on Apr 25, 2020 in blog |

3 Ways Corona Virus affects your home’s plumbing.

Right now you are staying home more than ever. Meaning your home’s plumbing is working harder than ever.

Three Things

The Three P’s – How to not clog a sewer line.
Using more water – keep your water bill low.
Drinking Water Quality

1. The Three P’s – How to not clog a sewer line.

When it comes to what goes down your toilet, simply follow the rule of the three P’s. Words from a wise plumber, “pee, poop, and toilet paper”, “Anything else that you flush down a toiet is going to present a problem.” A possibly pricey problem. This can be caused by baby wipes and feminine products. Feminine Products will flush down the toilet, but they will not break down easily, coupled with the fact they are made to absorb and expand this will likely cause backups in your sewer line in the future.
Make sure to follow the 3P Rule or else it can potentially lead to an expensive problem.

2. You are using more water.

Keep your water bill down if you are on the meter, make sure toilet aren’t running and you don’t have leaks.

  • Using the toilet more often, Fill Valve could be bad. Causing your toilet to run all the time.
  • Leaky Water Heater – Your using more hot water then normal, leak is causing your water heater to produce more hot water than usual.
  • Now is a good time to take a peak around your home and perform a whole house plumbing inspection. If something is leaking, now is a great time to identify the problem and save money.
  • Water Meter: If you are curious if you will save money with a water meter, you can refer back to an older blog post. https://www.apexplumbingchicago.com/will-i-save-money-with-a-water-meter

Chicago Meter Save Website Link:

3. Tap Water as drinking water – is your water safe?

Before Covid 19, one of the frequent recurring news headlines was Lead in our drinking water. Many customers have called us wanting water purification systems for their drinking water. Customers tell us  they use to purchase lots of bottled water from costco or other big box stores but due to supplies and not wanting to leave their home as much.  They are now adding reverse osmosis or water purification systems to drink clean water out of their tap. Learn more about

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